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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Riffles for Watie

     I had to read this book for school. At first I really didn't like it. I felt like the book was 'scatter-brained'. like it went from one topic to the next to quickly. When I got about half way through I started enjoying the book more. And now I see the author made it like that to get the story going, though I do think that he could have done it better.
    The book it about a boy named  Jeff who is fighting in the Civil War. Some where in the story he's given a mission to get information on the enemy and ends up having to fight for the enemy in order to not be caught.
     I think it was a pretty interesting book and I would recommend it. I feel it's good for learning what the war was like, and how the soldiers had to live - on both sides of the war.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I read Eragon through the summer. I enjoyed the book, I only wish it didn't take me so long to get through.
I really enjoyed this book. though I have enjoyed other books more. I'm glad I read it, but I don't think I'll be reading the sequels. The book is great, the author is talented but he dragged everything out a little to much for my liking. i also think the book was not enough my style. I do like fantasy but there was something about this book that I didn't enjoy quite as much as I suspected I would. Though don't make what I say make you not read it. I know a lot of people who enjoyed quite a bit, and I do think it's a worth wile read.

I found the little paragraph about the author in the back very interesting. I'll put it here.
Christopher Paolini's abiding love of fantasy and science fiction inspired him to begin writing his debut novel, Eragon, when he graduated from high school at fifteen after being homeschooled all his life. He became a New York Times bestselling author at nineteen. Christopher lives in Montana, where the dramatic landscape feeds his visions of Alagaesia.

Now, I know this isn't a movie review blog but I feel I need to write about the movie Eragon. I have heard from many people how disappointed they were in the movie, and how the movie was almost nothing like the book. Now my own opinion is that they are all wrong! I watched the movie after reading the book. I think they made the movie almost exactly like the book. they took out a lot of things; I think they had to do that though, the book is just too long to get it all into one movie. the ending was also a bit different. But other than that I think they did a pretty good job. Though there is one thing in the movie that really upset me; I the book there is an Elf named Arya, She is an Extremely important part of the book, and it's important that she be an elf, well in the movie there are no elves! Grrrr

I took a little break

I'm sorry I have not posted for a long time. I had mono over the summer and am still recovering. I managed to keep up with a couple blogs but sadly this one was forgotten. When I first got sick I was also not up for much reading.
Do not fear.... I do plan to keep posting!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Daniel from the Bible

Hey, sorry I haven't posted for a while. I've been sick with Mono for about three months... and my brain hasn't really let me do much reading.
though I did read the book Daniel the 27th book in the bible. It was an interesting book, quite short.
Daniel had a weird dream about a goat! (oh, that was probably strange! I have goats- three- you can see them here on my other blog www.crittersncrafts.blogspot.com you'll have to scroll down the page though!)

I am in the middle of another book, I'll hope fully be done soon and I'll leave a post about it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I read Geneses. I've read the Bible- you know open the book read a verse here... another here- but I never really (I know it's terrible) read through it. I think I expected something totally different, though I'm not shore what I expected. The bible is really like any other book, the chapters hang at the end, the characters are unique, there's suspense, Love, family issues and emotion, but it's different it's Seemingly Impossible non-fiction, it's real, It's Ancient History and Amazing.
I loved Geneses, especially Joseph's story.
Can't find a book to read? Read geneses!

Wilder King Tilogy

Sorry it took me o long to get back to you all on this trilogy... Life!
OH MY GOSH!!! I'm in love! I'm going to read the trilogy again!
I would so highly recommend reading these books. As I said before it's a biblical parallel of David's Story. I so Enjoyed them.
The author added allot of laugh out loud hummer, and gave the characters such distinct personalities. These are the only books he's written and I seriously think if he wrote more that he could be big! I'm completely adding them to my favorites list! I could not put these books down, the first was my favorite but the third had the most laugh out loud hummer... and I did laugh out loud, ask my siblings who were trying to concentrate on other things!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A PONY Book/ Last Chance Horse/ By

This book is about a stubborn teen. Kat gets mad easily and goes for a walk by a horse paddock to vent, when along comes a horse who changes her, her life, and her attitude forever. Through the book her relation ship with her sister comes back to life, It's a good book about a horse winning the heart of a girl....... well, mabey a girl winning the heart of the horse. The ending to this is odd, the auther didn't really explain it, but I think that's what she was aiming for, more of a mysterious ending. I would say any one from 10 to 16 would like this book, though it is deffinetly Writen to interest teens more.