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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Riffles for Watie

     I had to read this book for school. At first I really didn't like it. I felt like the book was 'scatter-brained'. like it went from one topic to the next to quickly. When I got about half way through I started enjoying the book more. And now I see the author made it like that to get the story going, though I do think that he could have done it better.
    The book it about a boy named  Jeff who is fighting in the Civil War. Some where in the story he's given a mission to get information on the enemy and ends up having to fight for the enemy in order to not be caught.
     I think it was a pretty interesting book and I would recommend it. I feel it's good for learning what the war was like, and how the soldiers had to live - on both sides of the war.

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  1. Hi Johanna, thanks for visiting my blog!! I'm a bookaholic too :-) went through your list of books you've read and considered doing the same thing but since I'm nearly 50 now I think the list would be far too long!! I have read some of the same books as you, by the way! I remember reading Nancy Drew's 99 steps some time back in the late 70s or early 80s! LOL Didn't realise it was that long ago! Here are some of my absolute favourites, they're really old (older than the 70s even!!) but amazing books - so amazing that I have held on to my copies all these years: Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote two beautiful books, The Secret Garden and The Little Princess, they are still beautiful to read all these years later. Noel Streatfield's Ballet Shoes is lovely too. Charlotte's Web by EB White is another fave .. I think the same author wrote Stuart Little? Also found The Education of Little Tree by Forest Carter very fascinating but a bit sad. Have you read CS Lewis' Narnia Chronicles? They are wonderful too. Oh and I am a diehard Harry Potter fan :-)

    Will come back to see more of your blog/s but right now it's 3 a.m here and I should get to bed! Bye!